American Flag Leggings For Patriotic Holidays

Nothing says “Patriotic” like the American Flag. Standing for liberty, freedom, and justice for all, it is truly the symbol of American independence. American Flag leggings combine style, comfort, and patriotism and make them the perfect option for a patriotic outfit. While expressing your patriotism is never a bad thing, here are some great times of year to truly stand out with your American style!

Independence Day

This first holiday is a fan favorite for patriotism. July 4th marks the day Americans celebrate their Independence from Britain and celebrates the day America declared itself a country. The outdoor barbecues and activities call for a comfortable pair of leggings that scream celebration. Your American flag leggings capture the Independence our forefathers fought for.

Flag Day

This is the day to celebrate the American Flag. June 14th commemorates the adoption of the beautiful star-spangled banner by the Second Continental Congress in 1777. It’s a time to remember those who fought to protect the flag and the nation for which it stands. Slip on those leggings and wear the flag with pride!

Bill of Rights Day

The American flag is truly a symbol of freedom, and nothing says freedom like the Bill of Rights. Those first 10 amendments to the constitution truly capture one of the greatest aspects of the U.S. Constitution. On December 15th, don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to don those beautiful American leggings.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

America truly values the freedoms of all its citizens. Thanks to the civil rights movements in the 1960s, rights were extended to more of the population. Those movements would’ve been nothing without Martin Luther King Jr. The flag stands for the American people, so be sure to stand for the flag on January 15th with your American flag leggings.

Veterans Day

November 11th is the official day to commemorate all the veterans of the U.S. military. While it originally memorialized the Armistice which ended World War I in 1918, it now honors all the veterans to serve in every American war. Show your pride for American soldiers with the perfect pair of leggings for the occasion.

Washington’s Birthday

Where would America be without the first president of the United States? After serving as a general of the American Revolution, he started the long standing tradition of Presidential leadership in America. Give him a nod on his February 22nd birthday with a celebration of the American flag.

Stand Out With American Flag Leggings

With so many patriotic holidays to celebrate throughout the year, American flag leggings complete the perfect outfit. This stylish outerwear is comfortable, dynamic, and the perfect way to celebrate America. Can’t wait to get your pair? Check out our selection of American flag leggings here!