How to Dress Up Your Leggings for the Holidays

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How to Dress Up Your Leggings for the Holidays

We're saying it: you can absolutely wear leggings to all your holiday dinners with friends and the in-laws. With cool styles like leather, suede or print, leggings aren't solely reserved for the gym anymore. In fact, we have the athleisure trend to thank for bringing these comfy bottoms back to all areas of our lives, even at work. And if you can wear leggings to the office, why not for the holidays? They're warmer than tights, less constricting than jeans, and can be styled just like any pair of pants. While always comfy, when styled the right way, they can be polished, cool, and even holiday season–appropriate.

Here are a few ideas of how to style your leggings for the ultimate holiday look.

1. Fancy Leggings + Faux Fur Jacket + Platform Sandals
2. Leather Leggings + Body Suit + Kimono + Booties
3. Leggings + Bomber Jacket + Uggs
4. Leggings + Chunky Knit Sweater + Trench Coat + Ballet Flats
5. Leggings + Oversize Sweater + Sneakers
6. Leather Leggings + Christmas Sweater + Black Pumps
7. Leggings + Button Down + Sweater + Coat + Scarf
8. Leggings + Shimmering Sweater + Tailored Shorts + Over the knee boots
9. Leggings + Tunic + Long Cardigan + Patent Slippers + Statement Earrings
10. Leggings + Lace Turtleneck + Waistcoat + Velvet Heels + Sparkly Clutch

Check out our Holiday styles now for a comfy yet stylish look sure to get you noticed at all of your holiday gatherings!


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