How to Totally Rock a Pair of Galaxy Leggings

Let’s face it. Leggings are the best. We’ve been subscribing to the idea that beauty is pain for way too long, and in our opinion, there’s nothing better than when style meets comfort! In our last post, we talked about 2017 being a year for old bold, exciting patterning that makes a statement. Enter: the galaxy legging.

Galaxy print leggings are all the rage right now, but with their extroverted characteristics, it can lead you to wonder how to wear them and what to pair them with. Today, we want to discuss our three favorite ways to wear galaxy print legging. If you’ve been wondering how to pair them, this will be the perfect post for you.

3 Ways to Wear Galaxy Print Leggings

Keep it Simple

The boldness of the galaxy print makes it incredibly easy to throw on a simple, solid-colored top and call it good. We love long tunics, chunky knit sweaters and cardigans for this look. Solid color T’s avoid print clashing and lead eyes exactly where you want them to go – to your statement piece leggings! Since it’s winter, we love pairing this look with some either knee high or ankle length boots, but again, in solid colors such as tan, grey or black. The idea is to give all the attention to your leggings, so if you’re unsure about your look, keep that idea in mind.

Dress it Up

The best part about leggings is their versatility. They can be worn almost anywhere these days, including a night out on the town or for some first-date attire. Dressing up your galaxy leggings is easy as well. The key is adding a top that gives your look a little bit more pizzazz! We like pairing out tights with a long button-down made from silk or a slinky, loose spaghetti strap with a blazer on top. It probably goes without saying, but the quickest way to go from day to night time looks also includes a great pair of heels, so don’t be shy!

At The Gym

Bold, aggressive prints are also making their way out of the streets and into gym fashion. Again, the key is pairing your tights with a simple, solid colored top workout top. However, you can have fun mixing and matching your sport bras or bralettes to highlight some of the colors founds in your tights for an extra pop of color! Add in some high-top sneakers or sleek running shoes and you’ll be turning heads right and left.

While these are just a few of the ways we suggest wearing your galaxy leggings, the sky’s the limit when it comes to fashion. The most important thing to remember when choosing and styling your clothes is to have fun! There’s no accessory in the world that can outshine a confident, happy smile, so let that creativity loose.

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