Wearing Leggings: Versatile and Stylish

In a world where fashion and current trends cycle frequently, there’s one article of clothing that is seemingly here to stay: spandex leggings. Through countless seasons and style trends, leggings have truly stood the test of time, for good reason too. Versatile, comfortable, and even affordable, this article of clothing has become a staple of women’s fashion, whether they’re off to the gym or a night out on the town. We’ve even seen some men sporting said spandex from time to time!

Here at Unique Cool You, we know the leggings look isn’t going anywhere. From varying materials to unique patterns and colors, spandex leggings may be the most versatile piece in any woman’s wardrobe. Since we’ve already covered wearing leggings for varying seasons, let’s talk about the different ways you can rock them year-round. After all, they are quite the versatile article!

Leggings: Versatility at its Finest

Easy to pack for traveling, comfortable to wear at the gym, and appropriate enough for a variety of events, there’s no denying the versatility of spandex leggings. Just a few years ago we saw them come to rise, mainly in plain black and often worn under skirts. More recently, they’ve become available in different shapes & lengths, colors & patterns, and even materials—and they no longer need a skirt for cover.

Day or night, rain or shine, you can always find a way to sport your favorite leggings. Aside from being extremely versatile, lending themselves to nearly any occasion, spandex leggings are simply stylish. The aforementioned range of colors, patterns, and materials allow women to truly show who they are. You can go bold with allover print or keep it casual with a solid color and the perfect accessories. With so many options, how do you decide how to wear your leggings?

Ways to Wear Your Leggings

Whether you choose to wear them in place of pants or to complement a casual dress, the options for wearing leggings are endless. From casual to, let’s say, semiformal, leggings are really whatever you make of them. Take a look below to get a few ideas on how you can wear your leggings:

  • Casual: Whether you rock them with a long sweater in the fall or a simple tank during the hotter months, nothing says casual like a pair of solid leggings complemented with cute flats.
  • On the Go: Spandex leggings were practically made for the gym! But tossing on a pair before hitting the market will keep you looking appropriate and feeling comfortable as you run your daily errands.
  • Night Out: Here’s where the fun comes in. Choose your favorite color or allover print for a fun night out on the town. Pair them with some great shoes and top, and you’ll be set!
  • Lounging: If there’s one thing girls love about leggings, it’s the comfort. Not only will they keep you comfy while lounging around the home, you’ll also be plenty to answer the door should a visitor knock!

Find the Perfect Pair with UCY!

Of course, you can rock your leggings in many more ways. Season to season, day to night, spandex leggings always look good. And, given their popularity, you can find great leggings all over, but maybe not quite like the ones offered here at Unique Cool You. Sexy and stylish, we definitely have a pair of spandex for every style. Check out some of our selection here.