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About UniqueCoolYou


UniqueCoolYou is an online shopping platform launched out of the overwhelming demand for fun, fashion forward women's leggings that we saw inside our sister company Roozt.com. We were overwhelmed with inquiries for more patterns and styles because our customers were loving the way these leggings made them feel and the conversations that they started! 

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate social entrepreneurs who believe that we can use the power of online shopping to make a positive social impact in the world -- so we figured why not launch a site dedicated solely to the most fun, funky and fashion forward leggings we could find where every purchase helps educate a child in need. With every order you place, we will donate $1 to FreeTheChildren.com on your behalf to help fund their education initiatives worldwide that desperately need our help. This organization is a 4 Star Rated non-profit organization on Charity Navigator and has been effectively (and inspiringly) doing work in the education sector and beyond for many years.

Why education?

Education gets at the root of many of the largest social issues our society faces today -- and we fundamentally believe that if we are to have a brighter tomorrow, we must invest in educating our children today. It's also been proven time and time again that education is one of the fundamental keys to breaking the cycle of poverty throughout the world, which can create massive ripple effects in the respective communities. Moreover, education provides hope to those who it touches -- and hope is the fundamental building block for all of us to create a better world, community and life. 

Why $1?

The power of $1 is much, much more than we realize. We were inspired by the thought of harnessing the power of online shopping and fashion to embed $1 into our "cost of goods sold" so that as we grow our business by selling more awesome leggings, our social impact will also grow hand in hand. We all take $1 for granted too often, because as individuals it doesn't seem like a lot. But as a community, added up over time, $1 donations can become a massively positive force for social good. So every time you rock those sweet leggings of yours, you can feel proud knowing that your purchase donated $1 and helped educate a child in need!

To learn more about FreeTheChildren or to make a direct donation, please visit www.FreeTheChildren.com. 

About Unique Cool You