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Best Outfits for Summer Leggings

Aside from when it’s absolutely freezing outside, we get to wear leggings all year long. Lending themselves to a variety of styles, outfits, and ways to wear, leggings are here to stay. However, that doesn’t mean any old leggings outfit will do throughout the year. Summer is one such time of the year where black leggings and our favorite black tee just won’t cut it.

If you’re like the rest of us and don’t want to lay the leggings to rest this summer, you’re in luck. We’ve put together plenty of amazing ways you can rock your leggings even on those hot city days. Keep cool every summer and see how you can sport your spandex with Unique Cool You!

Summer Leggings: Ways to Keep Cool

Depending on where you live, putting together an outfit with leggings often revolves around staying cool. Whether you’re just going out for morning brunch or a day at the park, it gets hot out there! And you need to dress accordingly. Luckily for the leggings lovers, there’s plenty of ways to beat the heat.


A popular look every summer is the casual and more sporty look, complete with a baseball cap and running sneakers. All you need in between is a plain pair of your favorite leggings and anything from a crop top to a slim white V-neck. Simple, stylish, and perfect for summer.


For those days you need to run some errands and the sporty look just won’t work, you can always clean it up a bit while still staying casual. Replace your sports bra or crop top with a nice tank or strapless and toss out the hat for a tight bun. And the shoes? Pointed-toe flats are always a great choice, but anything similar will do.

Sexy/Night Out

Heading out for the night makes for a quite a few more options. Without the blistering sun, you can wear any type of top, but it’s the leggings you really get to go wild with. A night on the town calls for a bolder look, whether that’s a pair of bright colorful leggings or some sexy high-waisted florals. Pair the leggings with something open-toed and finish it off with a blouse and you’re ready to go!

Other Way to Wear Summer Leggings

Of course, you don’t need to stick to the styles provided above, but they are definitely some great starting points. No matter your preference, you can sport just about any pair of spandex throughout the summer season. Take a look below for some popular choices:

  • Plain Black: While it’s not always the best choice for those ridiculously hot days, black leggings just pair well with everything. Plus you can find vented or breathable athletic leggings just about anywhere.
  • Printed: While flowers bloom in the spring, they remain all summer long. Similarly, floral-printed leggings are always a great choice, and the colors tend to be a little lighter to keep cool.
  • Nude: Wear these with caution! Nude leggings pair best with dresses, especially on windy days. Having said that, nude leggings and dress combo is perfect for a picnic in the park.

Get Your Summer Leggings Today

No matter the occasion, summer leggings are a cute and simple way to stay cool and look stylish. From running to the store to spending the night out, there’s a variety of ways to feel and look good. If you need to update your selection, be sure to check out all the styles from Unique Cool You.