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How to Dress Up Leggings for Every Occasion

For the most part, sporting leggings are a great way to dress down—whether you’re spending a day indoors, heading to the gym, or just keeping it casual. However, that’s not to say we can’t wear leggings to more special occasions. There are plenty of ways you can dress up leggings to not just look nice, but feel great. Whether it’s a holiday party, friend’s birthday, or a simple night out, there’s always a way to dress up your leggings.

The great thing about dressing up leggings, though, is that you can make them the focus of the outfit or use them as a finishing touch—lending the focal point to your favorite top or shoes. However you choose to incorporate your leggings into something a little more formal, you’ll remain comfortable throughout any occasion.

3 Ways Dress Up Leggings for Special Occasions

While there’s a variety of ways you can sport your spandex and look great, some occasions call for some precise planning to nail the right look. If you’re heading to your office party or another more formal event, consider the not-so-casual combos below:

Sweater & Boots

Sweaters are always a great look for semi-formal events, especially around the holidays. Whether you throw on a below-the-butt turtleneck or a sweater and some cute shorts over the leggings, just pair it with a nice pair of boots and you’re set. And remember, you can never go wrong with black leggings. In fact, they’re going to be your best bet for most formal and even semi-formal occasions.

Sexy Top & Heels

Finished off with open-toe heels and a cute clutch, the sexy blouse and spandex combo is a fantastic look for those more-sophisticated parties. Shoot for a satin top, shoes with a little sparkle, and the plain black spandex—of course!

Tunic & Flats

Not every party is going to require heels. A friend’s birthday dinner or baby shower are such instances when you want to be casual, while also dressing up a bit. For times like these, a tunic and flats are the perfect pair. It’s loose, it’s comfortable, and it looks absolutely fantastic. You can even toss a nice pair of earrings on to complete the look.

Other Ways to Wear & Dress Up Leggings

Though the combos listed above for dressing up your leggings are great options, we know they aren’t for everyone. Having said that, we’ve laid out a few quick ideas to help you put the perfect outfit together—all while remaining comfortable in leggings. Check it out below:

  • Heeled Shoes: A pair of heels makes just about any outfit look more formal, and they do the same for leggings.
  • High Boots: A pair of tall leather boots always pairs well with leggings, but it can be the perfect touch to a semi-formal outfit. Depending on the top, you can still keep it pretty casual, as well.
  • Lengthy Tops: Much like the tunic combo above, longer tops cover more so they’re often more appropriate for special occasions. You can always throw a belt around your waist to change it up.
  • Long Coats: As with heels, a long overcoat is a great way to dress up leggings. Just remember to have a nice top underneath when you need to take the coat off.
  • Leather Jackets: Let’s be honest, leather always looks good. Maybe not for formal events, but it’ll fly with the semi-formal.

Find Spandex to Dress Up Today

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