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The History of Leggings

While you might think leggings are a relatively new trend that gained steam in the 1980’s, the history of leggings actually goes much further back. Seeing as leggings seem to go through cycles of popularity, we did a little research to determine how far back they actually go. So, before you peruse our online store for the perfect pair of cool leggings for you, let us fill you in on the history of leggings.

The History of Leggings: Pre-Modern

Leggings may be in fashion now, but their roots can be traced all the way back to the Renaissance period. Originally worn by men, leggings in the Renaissance period were two separate hip-high pieces of leather or chain mail. Over time, they eventually became one piece, which was meant more for warmth than protection.

Modern Leggings

Obviously, leggings have progressed a lot since their early days. Now, instead of chainmail or leather, leggings are primarily spandex or a lycra blend. This allows for a tighter, more comfortable fit and, let’s be serious, they look a lot sexier now.

Starting in the 1960’s, leggings really began to take off. Originally, leggings were worn strictly as workout gear and gradually worked their way into our fashion. Sadly, the late 90’s seemed to mark the end to leggings. That is, until recently when leggings have made quite the comeback. Now, everyone has multiple pairs and styles of leggings to match for virtually any occasion. In fact, leggings have had a major comeback in recent years and have dominated women’s fashion.

Now, you can buy several different types of leggings including floral printed leggings, galaxy leggings, and even butt lifting leggings for those who need a little extra junk in their trunk. Better yet, you can dress up leggings for more formal occasions.

Leggings Trends

Despite the changes they have gone through, there are several leggings trends that just won’t quit. Pairing a long sweater with a solid-colored pair of leggings for a timeless look. Of course, this is a sound choice for fall, but summer leggings trends need something a bit more cool. Pair a tank top with a pair of galaxy leggings for a sexy summer look.

Though winter’s are cold, leggings will help insulate your legs and keep them warm. You can even wear your favorite leggings under jeans for added warmth, though this won’t allow you to show off your cool leggings. Spring trends tend to revolve around floral printed leggings, which can really make an outfit stand out.

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